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This is my Construct 2 game called RUN4LIFE! It’s a zombie apocalyptic game wherein you, the player, scram to escape from the city’s hordes of zombies. I’ve created this game while in college, the first ever I’ve done. I hope you enjoy!

Game Narrative:

Like every early morning, Leon, heads outdoors for his normal jogging routine. He admires the beautiful morning scenery around him. However, it is soon interrupted by the sound of growling that only grew stronger. Leon, irritated that his enjoyment has been ruined is forced to look at the source of the sound. Ahead he sees a horde of zombies running towards him! He instantly runs the opposite direction to escape the hordes of zombies that are after him. This is where the player plays as the protagonist to escape the city. This is where you as the player play the role of Leon to save him from the zombies.

More about Me:

This project exhibit some of the skills I have developed as an aspiring game designer. I created this project to see if I’m cut out for the work and find areas I should improve on and specialise in. My main interest is in 3D modelling.

If you’re interested in my 3D work, I’ve done, please check out this page: [I will update you with the link as I’m currently polishing my models for upload].

If you have any questions or comments email me here:

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